Building a new Commercial Kitchen

Please help us raise $150,000.

“A man's true wealth is the good that he does in this world"

For over 47 years, Ar-Razzaq Islamic Center has been providing services to the Muslim and broader Triangle community. Our 47 year old kitchen is outdated. We need a new commercial kitchen. We have 1300 sq feet ready for the new kitchen. We have trained staff and volunteers ready to increase service to the community - BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP! Your donation will help us increase feedings from 20,000 meals to 40,000 meals per month during the summer. A new commercial kitchen will also allow us to be a greater service to the broader Triangle community including the homeless population.

To donate please click on the PayPay Button above. Thank you in advance for your generous donation. May G-d reward you for your donation. Ameen!