Contribute to the Growth of the Oldest Mosque in the State of North Carolina, the ArRazzaq Islamic Center located in Durham, North Carolina.  We’re still building our future and you can help us!  Be a part of living history.  We are home to the local and international Muslim community here in Durham NC.  Your donation can help ArRazzaq Islamic Center better service the Durham community.  We are helping to be the change we want to see in our city.  All donations are tax deductible.

G-d says in the Holy Quran (2:245): “Who is he that will loan to Allah a beautiful loan, which Allah will double unto his credit and multiply many times? And it is Allah that decreases or increases (your provisions) and to Him shall be your return”.

There are many ways to donate to the Ar-Razzaq Islamic Center:
  • Become a Sustainer ($50.00 per month) – we’re looking for 25 sustainers to help us cover the Masjid monthly payments and annual operating expenses. Sign-up to become a Sustainer using the Donation form.  Select “I’d like to become a Sustainer” via the designate fund in the donation form (if you cannot afford $50, sign-up for $25 or $15 dollar monthly donation)
  • Paying your obligatory Zakat to ArRazzaq Islamic Center
  • Making a one-time (or setting up a recurring) donation.
  • Buying books, audio video materials, and food that are being sold during programs and events at the Ar-Razzaq Islamic Center.
  • Become a Member!

Thank you very much for your support and donation!

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