Janazah (Burial)

The ArRazzaq Islamic Center (AIC) works closely with Masjid Jamaat Ibadar Ar-Rahman (JIAR) located here in Durham, North Carolina, for the Janazah (Burial) services.  The Prayer Service itself can be conducted at AIC if space is not a problem followed by burial at JIAR’s cemetery here in Durham.  Their cemetery is located at 2610 White Oak Ave, Durham, NC 27707.

In the unfortunate event of death of a family member or friend, Jamaat Ibadar Rahman provides complete Islamic funeral arrangements including:

  • Ghusl (washing before burial)
  • Shrouding (kafan) and casket
  • Transportation of the body to the burial ground
  • Janaza (funeral) prayer

For more information on the cost and the complete offering of services provided by Masjid Jamaat Ibadar Rahman, we recommended you visit there service description located on their website here.

We encourage AIC family members to contact the Imam at ArRazzaq first for assistance with coordinating with Masjid Jamaat Ibadar Rahman.

Think not of those who are slain in G-d’s way as dead.  Nay.  They are living, finding their sustenance in the presence of their lord.

Holy Qur’an 3:169

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