The mission of the ArRazzaq Islamic Center is to assist in the religion and social development of all people, thereby serving the community and humanity as a whole, with excellence and in accordance with established religious guidelines and ethics.


Our vision is to establish the ArRazzaq Islamic Center as a multi-ethnic and vibrant Islamic center that caters to the religious, educational, and social needs of the Durham and surrounding communities and to maintain regular Islamic programs and services that provide for the spiritual and social needs of the poor and needy.  ArRazzaq envisions an environment of love, understanding and fellowship with our brothers and sisters of humanity, which provides a true representation of Al-Islam that is welcoming.


The goals of the ArRazzaq Islamic Center include:

  • To work diligently and tirelessly in pursuit of G-d’s good favor and divine mercy through the establishment of regular prayers & Islamic programs that serves all of humanity,
  • To become an integral part of the local community by providing such services as:
    • After-school programs
    • Community cleanup and development
    • Food donations for the needy
    • Academic tutoring, mentoring & job training programs
    • Health and fitness community programs
    • Islamic education for youth and adults
  • To develop strong and unbreakable bonds of respect, trust, and collaboration between the Mosque and the local community.
  • To develop initiatives that help to reduce poverty and crime, while supporting the social, economic and political development of the local community; and
  • To promote Islamic awareness and education throughout the Durham community through programs that welcoming all.
Come visit with us — All are welcomed!