Nikkah – Wedding Ceremony

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!  Your decision to marry is a spiritual covenant that is rooted in a commitment to one another.  A wedding (Nikkah) is a joyous event, and we are honored that you’ve chosen us to share the occasion!  The ArRazzaq Islamic Center officiates marriages in accordance with Islamic norms and North Carolina State law.

If you would like to be married at the ArRazzaq Islamic Center or request the Imam to officiate your wedding ceremony, please note the following guidelines to help make your ceremony run smoothly:

Islamic Requirements:

Step 1: The Islamic Wedding contract is a solemn oath between the spouses and families and their responsibility to each other in front of Allah (G-d) which requires:

  • The offer of marriage and acceptance freely and willingy
  • The Mahr (Dowry) gift, given to the Bride, by the party of the Groom
  • The “Wali” Guardian of bride if available
  • Two witnesses* for the Nikkah Ceremony

*The bride and groom must provide at least two Muslim, male witnesses for their nikkah ceremony, of which the “Wali” does not qualify. ArRazzaq Islamic Center will not provide these witnesses.

Legal Requirements:

Step 2: Obtain Marriage License from the County Courthouse Register of Deeds Office. Additional information for the County of Durham Register of Deeds can be found here.   Please remember our nikkahs are also legal marriages, therefore we must enforce this procedure.

The original marriage license and the provided return envelope need to be given to the Imam on the day of your Premarital Counseling Session or by the Nikkah Date at the latest.  NOTE: No Marriage is performed without valid Marriage License.

Day of Marriage

The following documentation will be required on the day of the marriage at ArRazzaq Islamic Center:

  • Marriage license (obtained from the County of Durham Register of Deeds department)
  • Photo Identification for bride, groom, and witnesses
  • An agreement specifying the amount of the Mahr (dowry) agreed upon and how/when it will be paid.

Please note that per ArRazzaq Policy:
ArRazzaq mails the original marriage license papers to the court for final certification, and the court provides the official marriage certificate by the mail to the couple.

All marriage ceremonies are performed at the ArRazzaq Islamic Center, 1009 West Chapel Hill Street, Durham NC and are by appointment only.

Narrated AbuMusa: The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: There is no marriage without the permission of a guardian.
Sunan of Abu Dawood – Book 11 Hadith 2080

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