Youth and Adult Classes

ArRazzaq Islamic Center (AIC) offers both youth and adult classes.  AIC Sunday-School is focused on providing the basic Islamic education and Islamic values to our children.

The curriculum is focused on three areas primarily:

  1. Islamic/Qur’anic Studies
  2. Arabic
  3. Seerah of the Prophet (pbuh)

We have a set program and well-defined curriculum. Our dedicated staff of teachers follow the curriculum, and also includes topics related to the Islamic Calendar during the school session.  Our goals for the children are:

  1. We want our children to be the true and practicing believers of Al-Islam with the proper and right knowledge of the teachings of Islam.
  2. We want our children to develop character, better manners and a respectful demeanor.
  3. We want our children to represent our community and be able to relate Islamic beliefs and teachings to non-Muslims in a coherent and compelling way.

AIC is always looking for believers who are willing to dedicate some time to working with our youth in the community.  If you are interested, please let us know by completing our volunteer form.

Adult Islamic Education Classes

“It is obligatory for every Muslim, man and woman to acquire knowledge”

Saying of Mohammed the Prophet (PBUH)

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