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Help us generate 15000 meals for the Food Bank of North Carolina.

From Ibn Abbas (radiyallaahu ‘anhumaa) who said: “The Prophet (peace be upon him) was the most generous of the people and he was the the most generous during the month of Ramadhaan. “Reported by al-Bukhaaree (no. 4711), Muslim (no. 2308), and Ahmad in al-Musnad (no. 3425)

This past year, people across central and eastern North Carolina have faced unprecedented hardship. Because of the health and economic crises caused by COVID-19, more people are facing hunger than ever before. Thanks to your organization’s dedication, together we are working to nourish people, build solutions to end hunger, and empower communities in a year that challenged us all. In 2021, with your help, our online fundraising efforts raised $2,340 which means 11,700 meals for those facing food insecurity. Our 2022 goal is to increase that number to 15,000 meals this year.

Please help us with our 2022 Goal by making a Donation Today!

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